What makes a man?

Jun 13 2016

We often think of manliness as looking something like this:

Indiana Jones

Manliness is much harder and less sexy than this. Manliness takes grit, determination, loyalty, wisdom, and the strength to forgive and to hold a family together.

Manliness is not about team sports

A man is Loyal

A real man will never ever betray his God, his wife, of his children. If you look at another woman you are betraying them. Would you want another man to do that to your family, to your wife of your little girl...


The World is a Knot

Apr 21 2016

Imagine for a moment Jesus on the cross, a huge injustice. It looks like Jesus needs help. It looks like needs needs someone to take him down from the cross, to bind him up. But what about the Roman soldiers? What about the bystanders? Fight them? Kill them? What about their families, their children, their children's children, and all future generations.

The world isn't simple. Solving the world's problems, and solving our own problems isn't as simple as tidying a room, putting the lego in the...


God isn't a Big Shot

Apr 7 2016

I was walking to the station this morning on my way to a meeting. I had my nice suit and my imaginary bank balance, and I was on my way to sort out some technology for some people. I was going to tender for a contract, and I was pretty sure I was going to get it.

I suddenly caught myself feeling like a big shot.

And then, looking down, I realised how ridiculous I must look to God. A tiny little man. I can't even make a new hair grow on my head. I can't even live without the air that God made...


Raise them brave

Jan 15 2016

In a park near our house is a big tree with dense, low-hanging branches. A climbing tree.

Ever since my kids were little I've encouraged them to go high, to balance on things, to try to get places. When they were young I would hold their hands. Now they leave me far behind.

In the park, my eldest climbed right up until the branches started to get thin, as high as he judged safe. He has fantastic upper body strength, partly because he climbs so many trees.

My middle son climbed a little way...


Don't be a disgraceful father

Jan 15 2016

Noah got so drunk he passed out in their tent. He lay naked and drunk where his children could find him.

Noah's behaviour was disgraceful, but it was his grandson Canaan who bore the curse for it, and all of Israel: Noah's descendents, who paid the price.

Sin is generational. If you behave disgracefully you are cursing your children, and your children's children, whether you mean to or not. If you sin in secret, you are lying to your family. Secrets and lies divide us, they split families, they...


Using homework as an opportunity for quality family time

Jan 12 2016

Homework can be a chore. It can be isolating for the child and frustrating for the parents w watching them put it off. So at the Johnson house we've been experimenting to see how awesome we can make homework time.

Case 1: the castle project

My youngest son had a project on castles, so we actually went to a castle.

We took photos of things he found interesting. He dictated captions for the photos and I noted them down. He choose a medieval coin from the gift shop. Then we went home and put...


Sin is crouching at your door

Aug 1 2015

I was offered a contract recently. The pay was excellent and the work easy. Moreover it came at a time of need. This small contract, just one week, would pay our mortgage for the month, and clear an old credit card debt.

I would be able to put food on the table and take time off afterwards to spend with the kids.

There was one problem, the client wanted me to train them up so that they could build an online gambling platform. Online gambling wrecks lives and destroys families.

There are times...


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