What makes a man?

We often think of manliness as looking something like this:

Indiana Jones

Manliness is much harder and less sexy than this. Manliness takes grit, determination, loyalty, wisdom, and the strength to forgive and to hold a family together.

Manliness is not about team sports

A man is Loyal

A real man will never ever betray his God, his wife, of his children. If you look at another woman you are betraying them. Would you want another man to do that to your family, to your wife of your little girl?

A man will protect those entrusted to him to the best of his ability, even unto death. You may need to exercise, eat well, come home at night.

Be loyal to your God and your family, no matter what it costs.

A Man is Wise

Run after wisdom my son

You can try as hard as you like, but unless you apply your strngth to the right place, it could be all for nothing. Pray to God and he will guide your steps. Make sure your kids know they are valued, and why.

Kids grow and change. They need the right kind of interventions at different stages of their lives. Things can be difficult, and they can stay difficult for extended periods of time.

Pray every day. Pray all the time. Ask for wisdom in everything you do.

A Man has Grit

This might mean carrying your sleeping baby all the way home, though your arms are aching. It might mean, when your wife yells at you, holding your peace, praying for strength, and responding with love.

It might mean praying for strength when your distracted by computer games, or gambling, or porn, or drink, or Facebook. Things that can take us away from being with our family, even though we think we can handle them.

Keep going after God and never give up.

Is all this possible?

All things are possible through him who gives me strength, but it is difficult. Perhaps your not physically strong. Perhaps you're prey to temptation. It's easier just to give up, to drown beneath the waves.

Your family is your legacy. Do your duty with honour and joy. Be loyal, even when no-one is looking. Never give up. Chase after wisdom. Run after God.

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