A Christian Fantasy Novel about faith, fatherhood, & never giving up.

Why does this book have an FAQ?

Because reading a book is an investment. More so if you read it to your kids. I don't want you to waste your time on a book that didn't bring you closer to Jesus. To the True King, him that made it all.

What's the moral of this story?

This is about Biblical parenting, specifically Biblical fatherhood. It's about a family broken by tragedy and betrayal, and a father's attempts to put it right.

It shows us how our own strength is not enough to make the flowers grow or the trees blossom. We need the strength that Jesus lends us.

We often think of Jesus as gentle and mild. The Bible shows is that he can be tough as well. That's what this book is about. Jesus, tough and tender. Who shows up in our weakness. Who moulds us in our strength. Who unties the knot and makes us whole again.

As Cynthia says: "Look where you don't expect to see anything, and there you will see the light, the glorious silver light."


I saw this book, almost in it's entirety, in a single vision while in church praising Jesus. Being a terrible, backsliding hypocrite, it took me over a year to start writing it down, and then over a year again to complete it.

It is, I think, prophetic. It deals with themes of family, parenting, specifically fatherhood, abuse (nothing graphic), redemption and healing of a family.

It is a book that was prayed out. I pray, then If God shows me something, I write it. If not, I go about my day.

It is also, a "clean" book. You can safely read it to your older children, though there are some scary bits - see below.

About me

Father of four, husband of one. Redeemed sinner. By God's grace in the process of being made whole again. I'm a regular, Church of England Christian.

Does this book feature graphic sex and violence?

If you are an adult reading this book, know only that it is a "clean" book, i.e. no swearing graphic sex or gratuitous violence, though there is conflict between good and evil, people do die from time to time, and there is a fairly significant amount of peril.

If you're considering reading this to an older child, you might want to read the following spoilers:


Look away now unless you want to know what happens.


Otherwise known as spinning or weaving. Here it is a metaphor for sin. It seems attractive, easy and fun, but it almost always creates more problems than it appears to solve. Like all creation, it can be used to His greater purpose in ways we don't expect.

The True King

Is Jesus, yes. In this world, Jesus is rumoured of, but not yet known.

The Boy

Is not Jesus no. Jesus isn't a boy. Also not the son of the father.


Is not the Devil. I don't wish to write the devil. Praxis is a sinner, very far from God, and is, like all creation, vulnerable to redemption.


Is a demon / monster, call it what you will, but you don't find out about this until near the end. Did I mention spoilers?

The Angel

In this world the battle between good and evil is more manifest. There are fights between supernatural beings, and they don't always go the way you would hope. Good always ultimately prevails.

The Angel remains mysterious. This is not a book about Angels, but an angel does show up in it more than once.

The Father

Is an atheist who tries hard but manages to repeatedly mess everything up. He has many encounters with the True King, but manages to rationalise them each time, right up until the end.

The Drift

This world is smashed by historic sin. The Drift is the edge of it. Here be monsters.


Is not in this book.

Graphic sex / violence / etc

Sex: Nope. Violence: a bit.

Scary Content

Yes, some of it scary. There are monsters. Younger children might find it too much. Parental discretion is advised.

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